A melody that penetrates to the core,

the memory of your laugh.

It dances across my thoughts,

I can almost hear it in its absence.

As you slip through my mind,

like a ghost in a haunted house,

I sense my fury rise.

Why did we have to depart from each other?

Your face I can no longer see,

but your voice remains.

How did we fall into different eternities?




Funny, isn’t it.

How you were a stranger,

then an enemy,

now friend

and possibly more.

When did the sparks catch?

I did not notice it myself …Did you?

How frustrating to my pride

that you would have so much in common

nearly all my aspirations and dreams are matched

who are you?

Where did you come from?

Why do I have to be intrigued?

I don’t want this to become love

but you’re an intriguing distraction.



A thought I wrote a few months ago and rediscovered :

“The startling emotion of future becoming past.

Time developing and hearts growing,

slipping into the rhythm of life.

Crazy highs and unexpected lows,

unrelentingly charging me down.

Am I really in control?

Or is this all playing itself out?

Thoughts unfolding into action,

without any consideration.

Regret and envy pursuing every spark and motion,

but only I get to choose.

When everything that is coming is gone,

what will be left of you?”