The ever present companion.

Even when your physical form couldn’t be beside me,

your thoughts were.

From my beginning you never failed to be devoted,

teaching and guiding me into my own.

No-one will ever know what it was like to have you.

Even my siblings saw you paint another picture,

as your love is unique.

The kindness you personify is only second to your faithfulness.

It’s strange to think that you were once just a child,

because your depth of character is so constant.

But if you could grow into the fortress that you are,

I hope I can too.


I know life forged a different story for you than the normal,

but as gold, you were only purified by the fire.

Rising above the infirmity that held your body captive

and revealing faith can actually move mountains.

You endlessly give strength,

to those who cannot even whisper for themselves.


I hope one day you will understand,

you are wonderful in every way

and you have taught me how to be who I am.




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